Scheduled Success with ActiveMap

ActiveMap's Scheduled Scenario is ideal for companies inundated with regular maintenance or cleaning tasks. It effortlessly aligns with technical service regulations, ensuring periodic work orders are never missed. Just upload a task calendar via an Excel template and let ActiveMap do the rest: auto-assigning tasks to field staff and overseeing execution with precision. Streamline your routine service operations, and let ActiveMap's automation keep your workflow on track and efficient.


Efficiency Unleashed: ActiveMap's Strategic Service Scheduler

Harness the power of strategic planning with ActiveMap's Planned Scenario feature. This cutting-edge tool propels managing companies into a realm of unparalleled organization and efficiency. By simply populating a five-column Excel template — service object, service organization, task description, start date and time, and task duration — your entire maintenance schedule becomes an orchestrated symphony of precision.

Upon uploading the completed file in ActiveMap, the system does more than just digest information; it breathes life into your planning. It spawns unique service entities and fabricates a timetable for auto-generated work orders based on your Excel entries. What's more? It delegates these tasks to your field staff and corresponding organizations — never missing a beat, never allowing a deadline to slip through the cracks.

But ActiveMap's prowess doesn't halt at scheduling. It ensures each ticked task is backed by a comprehensive report, tangible proof of the job's conclusion. This isn't just about checking off boxes; it's about delivering undeniable evidence of work that stands up to the highest scrutiny.

Elevate your business operations with ActiveMap. Bid farewell to the chaos of manual work order management and embrace a future where every task is a step towards perfection, every schedule a blueprint for success. ActiveMap isn't just a tool; it's your strategic partner in the relentless pursuit of operational excellence.

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