Elevating Hotel Management

In the dynamic world of hospitality, every moment counts. ActiveMap mobile app is transforming the game for hotels and companies in the hospitality business. Say goodbye to the chaos of paperwork and unreturned messages. With Activemap, managing your field staff and subcontracting tasks becomes a breeze. 

Clean rooms, check oven temperatures and conduct inspections effortlessly. ActiveMap simplifies operations by automating workflows, digitizing documentation, and providing real-time notifications for immediate issue resolution. The result? Happy customers, streamlined processes, and unparalleled efficiency. Welcome to a new era of hospitality management – where ActiveMap makes complexity vanish.


Enhancing Hotel Efficiency with ActiveMap

Here are a few examples of how the ActiveMap system can be applied in the hotel business:

Room service management: ActiveMap can help automate processes for room cleaning, minibar service, linen replacement, and room maintenance.

Public area service: ActiveMap can be used to plan and track the cleaning of public areas, restaurants, pools, and other accessible spaces.

Technical maintenance: ActiveMap allows for tracking technical issues, and planning and assigning repair and maintenance work for hotel infrastructure.

Staff task management: ActiveMap helps manage staff tasks, allocate resources, and optimize work processes.

Guest service: The ActiveMap application can be used for communicating with guests, providing information about hotel services, ordering additional services, and obtaining feedback.

ActiveMap for hotels can be used to optimize guest service processes, manage resources, and improve operational efficiency.

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