Who is ActiveMap suitable for?
- ActiveMap caters to both private and government entities. Our software functionality is well-suited for both large and small service companies with a modest business capital. This product is ideal if your business involves on-site services, repairs, or maintenance of any equipment.

What tariffs are available?
- We ensure an affordable solution for every business with our flexible pricing grid. Various tariff plans are available, catering to companies with a small staff and workload, as well as large companies with a substantial workforce.

What is the minimum product cost?
- To support small enterprises with minimal work volume, we've introduced a free tariff. This tariff remains free until the company's workload exceeds 200 completed tasks per month.

How to explore the system's functionality?
- You can learn how to register a company, send invitation links to employees, and explore the system's functionality through our video tutorials on the website under the section Learning Videos.

Is there customer support?
- We highly value our clients, and our customer support operates round the clock for all tariffs. If you encounter an issue, you can reach out to us through the feedback form on the website, send a request on Telegram, or email us with a detailed description of the problem.

Does our corporate policy allow disabling employee geolocation tracking?
- Yes, of course. You can disable the geotracking feature during company registration, as well as in the mobile app after installation. 

Our enterprise has a complex reporting structure. What types of reports can we generate?
- Depending on the employee role assigned during company registration, our system offers the following types of reports: employee reports, job reports, and reports on service equipment (service objects).

How much time does system setup take?
- We value our client's time, so we've made every effort to allow you to implement the system in the shortest time. Registering a company in the application takes no more than 15 minutes.

Can an executor replace the photo of completed work?
- No. Our system has protection against photo substitution. Executors can take photos of completed work only through the application, with mandatory timestamp marking.

Our company has a specific equipment servicing schedule. Does the application have this function?
- In the "schedule" section, you can configure the work execution schedule.

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