Dispatch with a Tap: Streamlining With ActiveMap

With ActiveMap, dispatching is a breeze – select a worker, pick a site, and send a work order, all with just two smartphone taps. There's no need for calls or texts; assign tasks effortlessly, even using voice commands. Field staff are guided to precise locations, ensuring service companies deliver prompt, organized care to every designated spot. ActiveMap isn't just about managing territories; it's about perfecting pinpoint service efficiency.


Precision Tasking: the Art of Efficient Dispatch

The dispatch scenario is a game-changer for organizations that thrive on daily oversight, such as the field servicing of multifamily homes' gas infrastructure. It's tailor-made for operations where each service point, be it schools, utility poles, courtyards, or rooms, has a distinct identifier. Dispatchers, armed with the power to assign tasks to any field staff member, create an operational symphony, linking work orders directly to service sites with ease.

This system offers the flexibility to articulate work orders through text or voice, cutting down on precious time and allowing service companies to stay agile. Deadlines are set to keep tasks on track—defaulting to a single shift or extending as needed—providing a clear picture of task progress and timeliness in execution.

As field staff receive their assignments via the ActiveMap app, they acknowledge the start of their tasks upon arrival. Completion is marked with a timestamped and geolocated photo report, providing indisputable proof of work done and allowing dispatchers to monitor the on-site duration efficiently.

The brilliance of this approach doesn't end with task completion. The ActiveMap system maintains a financial ledger for each work order, integrating cost management into the workflow. This model of operation is ideal for service companies looking to optimize field staff efficiency and accountability while delivering stellar service. With such precision in task distribution and reporting, Activemap isn't just a tool; it's the backbone of a successful field service strategy.

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