Effortless Workflow: ActiveMap's Automatic Task Cycle

Maximize your field staff’s efficiency with ActiveMap's ingenious automatic task feature. Designed for service companies facing unpredictable work volumes, this smart scenario generates new work orders seamlessly after the current one is complete. No need for direct task assignments — your team moves from one job to the next with autonomous precision. Imagine litter-picking or pre-drive vehicle checks transitioning smoothly without managerial cues. Each task is effortlessly logged with location-specific details, propelling your operations into a realm of unparalleled productivity. With ActiveMap, it’s all about fluidity and finesse in field service execution.


Task Automation: 
a Win-Win for Field Teams and Managers

Seamless operations begin with ActiveMap's automated tasking, a game-changer for field staff and service sector executives. These self-generating tasks require no extra planning, freeing up significant time. Field operatives simply execute and evidence their work, snapping a photo to confirm completion. It's hassle-free accountability. 

For employees, this method is crystal clear—capturing the when, where, and what of each task is a breeze. Managers get a bird's-eye view with comprehensive online reports detailing tasks, locations, and outcomes—providing a complete narrative of the workday. Ready to impress, these detailed accounts, enriched with photos and maps, can be showcased to service clients, illustrating the depth and quality of services rendered. ActiveMap's approach to automated tasks means doing more with less — it's smart, straightforward, and superiorly efficient.

Streamline with Autonomy: 
the Power of Automated Tasks

Ideal for routine tasks, ActiveMap's automated assignments shine in settings where simplicity reigns. Think of field staff tidying public spaces or noting vehicle conditions pre-route—jobs that echo daily, across vast territories like parks or districts. This scenario thrives where work isn't anchored to specific sites but to an area needing consistent care. Service companies managing such broad landscapes can harness this tool for streamlined, location-agnostic operations.

Automatic Tasks Usage Case

Clean Sweep Automation: Revolutionizing Janitorial Tasks

In the cleaning sphere, ActiveMap transforms routine with the click of a button. Imagine a janitor receiving the task, "Clear and capture the bin cleanliness," – no confusion, just action. They snap a picture, proving a job well done, and voila! ActiveMap cues the next task. Field staff glide from one bin to the next, their day's work neatly chronicled in an e-log, showcasing efficiency at its best. Simple, smart, and spotless – that’s ActiveMap’s automated promise for service companies.


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